Research and Innovation

Geospatial data and informatics are revolutionizing the way we do science and outreach. Many of the challenges ANR focuses on - food, water, equity, invasive species, fire, climate change, conservation – are complex, require a spatial approach, and impact diverse public groups. Addressing these challenges requires innovative & resourceful data collection, data synthesis, novel analytical tools, and increased communication and cooperation between scientists and citizens.

IGIS is the hub for ANR to access cutting-edge, transformative, and innovative geospatial technology. We strive to:

  1. Help ANR researchers answer the complex questions of our day;
  2. Improve program efficiency and effectiveness; and
  3. Tell the ANR story by making ANR content beautiful, useful, and impactful.

We stay on the geospatial technology cutting-edge through our commitment to continual learning, by conducting applied research using cutting-edge technologies, and through partnerships with industry. We keep ANR Advisors, Staff, Specialists, and Faculty up-to-date through trainings, webinars and blog posts, and document research results, workflows, and lessons learned for the Division and the scientific community.

Here are some examples of our work in Training , GIS Services , Research , and Drones. Refresh the website for more examples.