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Barb Goatgrass

Barb Goatgrass Aegilopstriuncialis (L.). Barb Goatgrass (AETR), similar to Mh is an annual grass that has invaded rangelands to a lesser extent currently than Mh and YST.  It has been identified California since the early 1900’s.  AETR grows in dense stands much the same as Mh; however, its deeper and more rapidly growing roots make it more competitive on annual rangelands.

AETR is a later maturing annual grass that is distinguished with a darker green color while all other annual grasses are starting to senesce.  The seed are characterized with long, bristly, stiff, upright awns resembling wheat.  Once seeds emerge, livestock will not graze due to the injury potential.

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BGg seed heads
Barb Goatgrass Seed heads.

seed germ BGg
Dominate seed has germinated and developed another Barb Goatgrass plant.  Secondary seed can be seen above plant, waiting for the plant to be destroyed before it germinates.

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