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Integrated Weed Management

Barb Goatgrass Decision Support Matrix

Areial photos from the Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center located near Browns Valley, CA are used as examples of different tree cover.  Typically weeds are more prevalent with lower amounts of tree cover.  Once tree cover reaches 50%, large weed populations generally are not found.  Therefore, the columns below highlight the 0-25% and 25-50% ranges, while you can still find access for higher tree cover at the bottom of each column.  Links to the apporpiate pages for further information are located following the two photos for each classification.

0-25% Tree Cover Examples.
0 tree cover pic

0-25 tree cover
0-25% Tree Cover

50-75% Tree Cover Examples.  This high tree cover typically does not provide a niche for weed establishment.
50-75 tree cover

50-75 tree cover 2
50-75% Tree Cover

25-50% Tree Cover Examples.
25-50 tree cover

25-50 tree cover 2
25-50% Tree Cover

>75% Tree Cover Examples.  Greater than 75% Tree Cover typically does not provide a niche for weed establishment.
75 tree cover

75 tree cover 2
>75% Tree Cover

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