Integrated Weed Management
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Integrated Weed Management

YST, 0-25% Tree Cover, Flat

The patch is located on a flat part of the landscape, with little to scattered trees.  This provides you the most management options available to control Yellow Starthistle since there are no restrictions due to the site characteristics.  Please select the Management Options that you are interested in learning more about below.  Once you have decided upon the management practices that will best fit into your goals and objectives, please complete the survey to the right to print out an Integrated Weed Management Guide for this patch.







Hand Pulling/Hoeing


After using the Integrated Weed Management Decision Support Matrix you have identified management practices you would like to implement on your ranch.  This tool will help you create a written plan.  You can take this plan to your local NRCS office to help you apply for any cost-sharing program, such as EQIP.

All management options will work to different degrees based on scale of infestation and time of year.  YST will take more than one year to control, typically 3 to 5 years are needed to completely control YST.  An integrated approach works well.

This information is for a Yellow Starthistle (YST) patch with 0-25% tree cover and flat landscape.  This plan is assuming a typical rainfall year and typical rainfall pattern.  Alternative practices may be identified if an opportunity or limitation arises due to weather.

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