Integrated Weed Management
University of California
Integrated Weed Management


Grazing (528). Prescribed grazing may be applied on all lands where grazing and/or browsing animals are managed. A prescribed grazing schedule is prepared for all fields and pastures to be grazed. Removal of herbage by the grazing animals is in conformity with realistic yield goals, plant growth needs, and management goals. Duration and intensity of grazing is based on desired plant health and expected productivity of the forage species to meet management objectives. In all cases, enough vegetation is left to prevent accelerated soil erosion.

Application of this practice manipulates the intensity, frequency, duration, distribution, and season of grazing to:

  • Improve water infiltration and use
  • Maintain or improve riparian and upland area vegetation
  • Protect streambanks from erosion
  • Manage for uniform deposition of manure away from water bodies
  • Promote ecologically and economically stable plant communities which meet landowner objectives

Grazing can be a useful tool, but is simply turning livestock into a pasture infested with YST simply will not control YST.  A form of Prescribed Grazing needs to be implemented in a strategic manner with the goal of targeting YST.  The links below will help you make the decision as to which form of Prescribed Grazing you will implement. 


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