Integrated Weed Management
University of California
Integrated Weed Management


Mechanical: Mowing can be completed with a tractor, lawn mower, or weedeater.
•Timing of mowing will lead to success.
•Pasture considered for mowing should not have many rocks to prevent possible fire.

Timing of mowing and growth form of YST are important to a successful mowing program. 

The yellow line in both pictures shows where the mower will be cutting the plant.  The top picture is a bushy YST plant that if mowed, will only result in the plant changing life form and creating more seeds. 
The second plant has a taller growth form.  The YST had to compete with grasses and grew taller.  Mowing this form of YST will result in a successful control.  The growing points are not below the yellow line, cutting this plant will result in control.
bushy mow
tall mow
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