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Psyllid Treatment Goals: The goal is to reduce psyllid densities to very low levels in order to slow the spread of psyllids to new areas and prevent them from finding HLB-infected trees. The long-term strategy is followed once the local eradication strategy is no longer effective. 

Eradicative Strategy.  This strategy is followed in regions where the psyllids appear sporadically, in few numbers on traps and rarely infested trees.  Growers apply two insecticides and CDFA applies two insecticides to residential citrus trees near the find site.  This strategy has helped to locally eradicate the psyllid for periods of many months or more.  It is being practiced in the San Joaquin Valley and northern California.  

Manage Established Populations.  This strategy is followed once the psyllid is found in multiple sites, in multiple stages and is well-established.  Grower apply coordinated treatments 2-3 times per year with ACP-effective treatments to achieve suppression of the psyllid over large geographical areas.  Special attention is giving to targeting spring and fall flushes and overwintering populations.  

Manage Resistance. To avoid selecting for resistance in the psyllid, do not use an insecticide from any one mode of action number more than once a year for any insect. 


ACP Effective Treatments

The UC IPM Guidelines for Citrus and the UC ANR ACP Distribution and Management web site provide lists of insecticides that are effective against Asian citrus psyllid.

Regional Treatment Strategies

Because each California citrus growing region has its own set of pests and chemical strategies, we have worked with the growers and Pest Control Advisors to indicate typical treatments that would be effective against Asian citrus psyllid that would be applied for other pests.  The long-term management strategy integrates these 'normal' treatments with early spring and late fall treatments to manage Asian citrus psyllid.

See the ACP Distribution and Management website for more detials about regions that have grower/PCA developed strategies for managing ACP:

Eradicative: San Joaquin Valley

Area-wide: San Diego, Ventura, Coachella/Imperial Valleys, Riverside/San Bernardino

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