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Leafminer Pheromone Trap

Citrus leafminer moth with spots on tip of wings
Citrus leafminer moth with spots on tip of wings
Pheromone traps:  A highly effective synthetic female pheromone has been developed that can be used to monitor populations of male moths of citrus leafminer.  Here you can see a male moth stuck to a trap.  The moths are easily recognized by the black spots on the tips of their wings.

Sources of Traps and Lures
: Traps and lures can be purchased from the following suppliers:

ISCA Technologies, Inc.
2060 Chicago Ave. #C2
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 686-5008
Alpha Scents, Inc.
7676 Tuttle Road
Bridgeport, NY 13030
(315) 699-1991

Leaf Sampling


The larval and pupal stages can be sampled by examining the terminal leaves of shoots for live stages.  The percentage of shoots with live larvae is a measure of the level of infestation of the orchard. 
larva 18

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