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KAC Citrus Entomology


The goal of the treatment program is to prevent the flightless fuller rose beetle adults from gaining access to the fruit in the trees. 

The best management practices include

1) pruning the skirt of the tree 18" above the ground so that the adults can only gain access via the trunk. 

2) treating 12-18" of the trunk of the tree above the irrigation area with Brigade WSB (bifenthrin) using a wand sprayer.  This insecticide is not currently registered for the fruit of citrus and so the purpose of the wand sprayer to keep the treatment limited to the trunk.  The current 2ee special registration allows 2 applicates of Brigade using 40 oz/acre (0.25 lbs ai/acre) or one application of 80 oz/acre (0.5 lb ai/acre) starting June 1. 

3) A foliar treatment of Actara using 5.5 oz/acre (.86 lbs ai/acre) during Sept 1-Sept 15 would improve control by killing adults that may have not been controlled by the trunk spray. 


Trunk Treatment

The photos below show the structure of the wand for treating citrus trunks. 


1. 1/2" metal electrical conduit - Trunk Spray Wand Measurements(PVC pipe can be used but needs to be reinforced in the long sections)

2. Tee Jet 11002 nozzles

3. Trigger assembly from a small hand held sprayer


4. Angle of spray head to handle is 22.5O.


5. Mechanical agitation to keep the pesticide in solution.

6. Pressure to achieve spray that does not drift or splash onto the canopy of the tree (practice ahead of time with water alone).

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