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2014 Research Information

May 2014 Presentation

Field Treatments for FRB - Joseph Morse

This pdf is a modified version of the powerpoint presentation by Dr. Joseph Morse presented in Tulare County on May 28, 2014.  It provides information about the biology of the Fuller rose beetle and the efficacy of in-field treatments for reducing egg laying on citrus fruit.


Additional Information

Research from the 1980s

Griffiths et al: 1986 Citrograph on Pruning for FRB

Morse et al: 1987 Circular on FRB Management

Haney and Morse: 1988 Efficacy of Treatments

Presentations and handouts from the June 2013 CCQC meeting

Beth Grafton-Cardwell ppt presentation:

Adult and Egg Bioassay Data PPT

Joseph Morse ppt presentation and handouts:

Handouts June 2013

FRB general information

Degree day handout


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