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Positive Points for Citrus

What is it and Why Should a Grower be Involved?

A group of University of California Extension Specialists, Farm Advisors, and citrus growers developed a “Positive Points System for Citrus”.  The PPS for citrus is a set of 220 questions that cover topics in seven categories of citrus production.  These topics include horticulture, soils, water, pest management, post harvest issues, food safety and continuing education.  The purpose of the PPS is to help growers determine their strengths and weakness in citrus production, to quantify the adoption of reduced risk practices used in California citrus and to document good agricultural practices.   It can be used as documentation of a farm plan.  Your completion of the self-assessment helps extension personnel develop educational and training programs for areas that citrus growers lack knowledge. 


No. Questions

I. Horticultural Management


II. Soil Management


III. Water Management


IV. Pest Management


V. Post Harvest


VI. Food Safety


VII. Continuing Education




How do I take the Self Assessment?

There is no cost, other than your time, for being a “Participating Grower” who completes a PPS for Citrus Assessment.  It will take you about 1 hour to complete the assessment and this should be done once a year. You may want to complete more than one assessment if you have different management practices in different orchards.  While your score will be used to analyze trends, your name will never be published (all scores and their identities remain confidential).  Therefore, you won’t be comparing your score to anyone else’s score.  You will be using your score to compare practices used between your own orchards or to look at changes in your knowledge and adoption of practices through time.  
Download: Positive Points for Citrus 2010.

We would greatly appreciate adding your assessment responses to our database.  This can be done by submitting the 4 scoring sheet pages to us via FAX 559-646-6593 or call Greg Montez for assistance: 559-646-6597.

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