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Fire Emergency Information & Resoures

From a Message sent by UCANR MFP Program Director, Katie Panerella on Aug. 21, 2020:

Many families and communities in California are facing the double burden of needing to evacuate from the recent fires across the state on top of the stress of the last 6 months of a global pandemic. Evacuations are underway in some counties and many worry what they will come back to. Power outages and poor air quality make these times particularly challenging after many months social distancing.

The MFP Program is interwoven into the community fabric of some of the affected communities. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by these tragedies.

There are many local resources available across the state as well as several resources that are available through extension regarding emergency preparedness, resources and recovery:

  • UC ANR fire website links and safety notes to help with emergency preparedness and safety:

          167 Be Informed about Emergencies

          168 Make a Plan for Emergencies

          169 Build a Kit of Emergency Supplies





  • Monitor air quality in your area using https://www.airnow.gov. Your local Air Quality Management District may also be a good source of detailed information. When checking the Air Quality Index, be sure to look specifically for the rating/number associated with AQI for5. Particulate Matter of 2.5 microns (PM2.5) is the pollutant of concern that is most typically associated with wildfire smoke. Anything above an AQI of 151 for PM2.5 is considered unhealthy.
  • Use social media to stay up to date on the situation in your area: follow your County's emergency services, the Sheriff's office, CalFire, etc. to stay informed.

We are grateful to our firefighters who continue to work round the clock to contain the fires. We have proven time and again that we are resilient, strong and care deeply for our communities!
Please stay safe and please let us know how we might be of service.