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Gardening for the Community

Community gardens may be a way of life for people in the city, but there is also a need for it in rural areas. Not everyone has the room to plant a garden in their backyard and with today's budgets being tightened there is a real need for people to have ways of keeping healthy food on their table for the families.

There is also an opportunity to help your neighbors. Plant a Row for the Hungry, an international effort, encourages home gardeners to plant extra plants so they can donate their excess harvest to local food banks and food closets. If you’d like to know more about how you can support this worthwhile effort, check out the local website: www.par-edc.org. There, you’ll find a map with locations and hours of operation of organizations and agencies that welcome your donations of fresh produce. If you are feeling down, just show up with a box of vine-ripened tomatoes at one of your local food closets or Food Bank. You’ll get such a positive response from the volunteers and recipients that you’ll be smiling all week.

Find out how you can share some goodness. Don’t be surprised if you benefit as you support your community by growing a little extra or supporting a school garden.

As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!