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Foster City Library Habitat Garden

Location: Next to the Foster City Library Community Center on Shell Blvd, in Foster City, CA

Photo by Laura Majerus
Photo by Laura Majerus
Master Gardeners transformed a traditional landscape on a busy corner into a habitat garden to attract beneficial insects, birds and other fauna. The garden was designed to be water efficient and low maintenance, and it includes informational signage on the plants and their benefits. California native and other pollinator plants were chosen to create a diverse ecosystem that provides food for wildlife and attracts birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

This 5,000 square foot habitat garden, developed in partnership with the City of Foster City, features a walking path, a water source to encourage and sustain local fauna, host plants that are mostly California natives and pollinator plants that are a mixture of native and other pollen- and nectar-rich plants known to attract beneficial insects and birds.

Master Gardener volunteers work at the garden each week and periodically hold classes, including garden tours, at the nearby library.