UCCE Marin County 2013 Annual Report
University of California
UCCE Marin County 2013 Annual Report

Funding and Volunteers

Funding Sources

Our programs operate through a unique partnership between the County of Marin, the UC system, support from the USDA, and other private funds. Backed by the resources of the UC campuses, our educational programs use practically applied research information to solve community problems. We consult with individuals and organizations, publish newsletters, conduct local applied research, produce information for mass media, and conduct seminars and workshops.  For every $1 contributed by Marin, $8.6 was contributed by other sources including the equivalent contribution of 22 full time positions from our volunteer programs.

Volunteer Contribution

Master Gardener Program
- 302 Master Gardener Volunteers
- 27,511 Hours
- $1,097,689 Donated Value Equivalent*

4-H Youth Development Program
- 169 Adult Volunteers
- 15,875 Hours
- $633,413 Donated Value Equivalent*

- 471 Total Volunteers (Averaging 448 volunteers per year since 1998, or 11% of Marin total)
- 43,386 Total hours (Averaging 37,796 hours per year since 1998, or 16% of Marin total)
- $1,731,101 Total Donated Value Equivalent*

* Based upon $39.90 per hour without benefits per Marin County Civic Center Volunteer Program

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