UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report
University of California
UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report

Supporting the Sustainability of Marin's Environment, Agriculture and Communities

“The succession planning series you put out was extremely helpful.  It is hard to talk about but so many of us need it.  I hope you will do more.” 
Linda Mendoza, Marin rancher

“Thank you Steven for your valuable time today!  It was truly a pleasure to meet you.  The information you provided me gives me some great action steps and I appreciate too that you were able to share your expertise in a way that I, as a lay person, could understand.” - Julia Arndt, Marin resident

“The Master Gardeners were wonderful and taught us so much!  This is a great service for Marin Municipal Water District customers.” 
Marin homeowner and gardener

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Accomplishing our mission in Marin would not be possible without the strong and consistent support of the
Marin County Board of Supervisors.

Damon Connolly
1st District
              Katie Rice
2nd District
              Kate Sears
3rd District
              Steve Kinsey
4th District
              Judy Arnold
5th District

We also thank our Partners and Volunteers for their continued collaboration and support.

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