UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report
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UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report


Care for oaks during drought
In times of drought, questions arise about how to see oaks through the water scarce times. “Help Your Oak Tree Tolerate Severe Drought” was prepared by UCCE Environmental Horticulture Advisor Steven Swain and UCCE Hardwood Specialist Bill Tietje to answer some of those questions.

Understanding Working Rangelands

Sharing open space with grazing livestock

Marin’s open space are wonderful places to hike and ride bicycles and take in some of California’s beautiful oak woodlands. These lands also need active management to reduce fire fuel loads and enhance grassland plant communities, and grazing livestock is a common tool to do this. Helping residents understand these working landscapes is the purpose behind the publication by UCCE Livestock and Range Management Advisor Stephanie Larson. This online reference entitled “Sharing Open Space: What to expect from Grazing Livestock” has useful tips and information for interacting with cattle on open spaces.

The difference between four legged livestock animals

Marin’s farms and ranches are a mix of cow, sheep, and goat dairy farms and grazing livestock ranches, not to mention the popularity of raising and riding horses through the region. If you want to better understand the difference between these animals and their interactions with rangelands, then the fact sheet ”Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Horses: What’s the Difference for Working Rangelands?” by UCCE Livestock and Range Management Advisor Stephanie Larson is a resource for you.

Urban Ag screen shot

Urban Agriculture Website
The new Urban Agriculture website is the go-to online source for information and resources on small-scale production, including soil, planting, irrigation, pest management, and harvesting.  The site also contains information on laws, zoning, and regulations that relate to urban agriculture, as well as information on the business of farming, such as how to market urban farm products.

Marin Gardens Map

Find community gardens throughout Marin
Marin’s community gardens are now viewable on an online map. View the Marin Gardens Map to find a garden of interest, including potential sites for new gardens, and let us know if you have a garden to add. 

Can My Tree Catch the Flu

“Can My Tree Catch the Flu?”
Youth activities on sudden oak death were featured in the national Green Teacher publication about teaching invasive species issues.  "Can My Tree Catch the Flu?" is an interactive showcase that helps increase youth awareness of the Sudden Oak Death (SOD) disease that has had devastating effects on the oak populations in California. To provide an analogy to how a tree catches this disease, participants are introduced to a familiar situation, catching the flu. Through a progressive series of inquiry-based, experiential learning activities, participants learn about diseased trees, as well as how their own behavior can impact the health of the forest environment. 

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