UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report
University of California
UCCE Marin County 2015 Annual Report


What people are saying...

“I just really wanted to thank you again personally for pulling this together. It was a really valuable webcast. I'm continually impressed with this collaborative effort. The access to facts and up to date information is invaluable. Great work!”
- Bree Candiloro, Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

“I'm sending a sincere thanks for your presentations to the training class last Thursday. How incredibly lucky we are to have such knowledgeable teachers of plant disease and Sudden Oak Death. Thank you for your support and for keeping us informed about the latest scientific information on SOD!” 
– Anne Wick, Marin resident

“What a wonderful and informative newsletter you’ve produced, as always! The interview with David Evans and the update on the Local Coastal Plan California Coastal Commission hearing were excellent. Thanks for this, and many thanks for all you do!” 
– Nancy Gates, Marin resident

“What a great morning. I am so jazzed. We looked at all the pastures on the way home estimating their worth! I feel like I have a whole new way to look at my pastures.”
– Mimi Luebberman, Marin rancher


“Thank you so much for being a point of reference and source of outstanding knowledge for myself and my classmates during our trip to Marin County.” 
– Roy Donohue, Junior at University of Illinois

“Marin County UCCE has been putting out really good programs; I’ve been to almost all of them!” - Jerry Corda, Marin rancher

“The succession planning series you put out was extremely helpful. It is hard to talk about but so many of us need it. I hope you will do more.” 
Linda Mendoza, Marin rancher

“Thank you Steven Swain for your valuable time today! It was truly a pleasure to meet you. The information you provided me gives me some great action steps and I appreciate too that you were able to share your expertise in a way that I, as a lay person, could understand.” - Julia Arndt, Marin resident

“The Master Gardeners were wonderful and taught us so much! This is a great service for Marin Municipal Water District customers.” 
Marin homeowner and gardener

“I really appreciate all the information in the packet. The plant suggestions were helpful. Excellent service.” – Marin homeowner and gardener

“This (succession planning workshop series) really helped set our wheels in motion” - Marin county rancher

"I wanted to take a moment to offer my sincere thanks for your time and professional expertise today, and for the subsequent evaluation and education. I managed to scare myself silly over the potential for my garden to be infected with Amillaria and to find out with your help that was not the case. Thank you again for your time and the kindness of giving up your lunch hour.” - Jon Edwards, Marin homeowner

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