UCCE Marin County 2016 Annual Report
University of California
UCCE Marin County 2016 Annual Report


What our clients are saying...

"We are proud to have support from the Marin Food Policy Council and UC Cooperative Extension as we are working toward a healthful, just, and sustainable food system."
- Steven Schwartz, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative

“We were trying to figure out how to keep our plant collectors updated on what was going on with the Phytophthoras and possible future management practices and we accidentally found the new CalPhytos.org website - it is exactly what we need!"
- Cindy Roessler, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

"I teach at Manor Elementary School in Fairfax, and I have been using the services of the UCCE 4-H for many years.  My students have loved hatching chicks with the help of Allison Keaney.  This real life learning is invaluable to kids, and I strongly support the 4-H, the University of California Cooperative Extension, and Allison’s work with classes."
- Chris Lyons, Manor Elementary School

"Thank you again for coming out today to present your creek carbon work… and, I must say, the way you approached your presentation was really well done and made the content very accessible.  Well done!"
- Torri Estrada, Carbon Cycle Institute

“I was able to get my on-site bottling operation approved for my olive oil. I wanted to thank you for all the info you sent me along the way. You forwarded me a write-up and I used it like a playbook!”
- Kelli Dunaj, Spring Coyote Ranch

"I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding contributions made by the volunteers and staff that operate the UC Marin Master Gardeners Marin-Friendly Garden Walks program.  To date, garden walkers have completed over 1,313 household walks, conserved 23,000,000 gallons of potable water, and the outstanding quality of their community service has won the hearts and minds of citizens across Marin."
- Daniel Carney, Marin Municipal Water District

"Wow! Thanks so much for the great news about the new tools for the Short School garden! … Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity and support!"
- Patti Vance, Short School volunteer, and co-founder Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church Garden

"The Creek Carbon Study contains a wealth of valuable data and insights, and the findings are clearly explained and fun to read.  Thank you for helping me better understand these fascinating landforms!"
- Daniel Carney, Marin Municipal Water District

"I can see how the introduction of green waste contaminated with Phytophthora ramorum into composting operations selling finished compost to the public is a potentially troubling circumstance. The loader operator pushes up a large quantity of brush then spins around and scoops up some finished compost and introduces the disease to that finished compost from his contaminated bucket and sends it back into the world with that customer! Wow! Great work Steven!"
- Don Liepold, Grab and Grow Soil Products

"Thank you so much for my FAVORITE newsletter. You guys do a great job, and have accomplished a lot. Sudden oak death has been one of the most interesting pest management problems I have tracked."
- Patricia Matteson, California Environmental Protection Agency

"The Town Hall activity for our fifth graders was an excellent opportunity for students to engage in a civic decision making process and practice grappling with complex policy issues. The knowledge that they had gained through hikes and camp activities during their week at science camp was directly applied to a town hall format, and kids felt powerful making decisions on their own."
- Joe Shock, Rocketship Youth Camp

"I would have never thought that it was powdery mildew causing spots and leaf loss on my client’s rhododendrons, but after doing some research from what you gave me I now can understand why. Appreciate the guidance and help."
- Dan Dachauer, Arborist

"Janice Alexander is a fantastic facilitator and knows how to generate conversation."
- Kathy Kosta, California Department of Food & Agriculture

"Thank you so much, Steve! I can exhale now … you have allayed my worst fears.  I now know that what I see in my tree is normal leaf cycling and not its demise."
- Liza Go, Marin resident

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