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Visit Us at the Help Desk

The Marin Master Gardener Help Desk is a garden problem solving/information resource provided through the University of California Cooperative Extension for Marin County residents. If you are not a Marin County resident, please contact your county's local Cooperative Extension office.

At this time, we are only taking inquiries/requests for information via email.

When you email us with your question, please be sure to include some details:

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• One problem / info request per email
• A statement of what you would like to know
• Details of the problem:
- Where is the plant located (address)?
- What type of plant is it (if you know)?
- How old is the plant?
- How much sun and water the plant receives?
- Has the problem just started or has it been going on for some time?
- Has there been recent chemical use (including fertilizer) on the plant?
- Is there anything else that may help diagnose the problem?
• Please send photos:
- Showing the affected portion of the plant
- Showing the healthy portions of the plant and entire plant if possible
- That are high resolution and in focus

If you visit the office:

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At this time, we are only taking inquiries/requests for information via email.

• Bring us a sample of your sick plant - a small branch with a number of leaves needing diagnosis is a good specimen. 
Bring a sample of a healthy portion of the plant if available. 
Please seal all plant and insect specimens in a plastic bag to avoid spreading any pests or diseases.

Bring your plant, insect or other home gardening-related questions to our Help Desk; our Master Gardener volunteers are typically available Monday-Friday 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm.

UCCE Master Gardener Help Desk
1682 Novato Boulevard, Suite 150B
, CA 94947

Call us:     415.473.4204
Email us
:  HelpDesk@marinmg.org

Master Gardeners provide this volunteer service to all residents of Marin County.