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Pollinator Plant Sale

Date: March 7, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Contact: Woody Reynolds at (415) 381-1968

Sponsor: Marin Master Gardeners

Location: Falkirk Greenhouse

Event Details

bee on flower

The Program: Want to help California native bees and butterflies, and beautify your garden at the same time? The Marin Master Gardeners are having a sale of plants carefully selected as excellent sources of pollen and nectar throughout the year. Over 40 varieties of plants are available, including 20 new varieties not offered last year.

These pollinator plants were grown from seed in the Falkirk greenhouse and are sold in 4-inch pots for $4.00 each. Marin Master Gardeners are present to advise on plant selection and cultivation, and to provide design ideas on which plants go together to provide a constant source of food throughout the year.

Cost per plant: Most of plants are in 4 inch pots, cost $4/plant. Only cash and checks are accepted.  Sorry, no credit cards.

Contact: Woody Reynolds at (415) 381-1968 or for any information or if you would like a list of available plants.

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