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Solution Center for Nutrient Management
Solution Center for Nutrient Management
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Solution Center for Nutrient Management

Monitoring and Budgeting

Resources for vegetable and fruit monitoring and budgeting

Links to:

Crop Manage

CropManage is an online database-driven tool that assists growers and farm managers in determining water and nitrogen fertilizer applications on a field-by-field basis.   The software automates steps required to calculate crop water needs and estimates fertilizer N needs for lettuce. The web application also helps growers track irrigation schedules and nitrogen fertilizer applications on multiple fields and allows users from the same farming operations to view and share data. Currently Applicable for lettuce only.

Nitrate Quick Test

Tips on using a nitrate quick test to help make nutrient management decisions in vegetable production


Resources for dairy nutrient monitoring and budgeting

Measuring liquid manure nutrients

Learn about a variety of ways to measure flow rates when applying manure to crops as fertilizer.

Nitrogen Budget Optimization tool

 We'll work with advisors and extension specialists to house these resources, create helpful tutorials for them, or help plug the resources into in-person workshops held through the Solution Center.

Monitoring practices

Monitoring practices are closely aligned with budgeting practices.  This section will describe the basics of monitoring practices including:

  • Different monitoring methods
  • How the methods differ
  • What the result can tell you about the environmental effects of a farmer's nutrient budget
  • How monitoring efforts can help increase efficiency in nutrient amendments

Budgeting Practices

Basic information on what a nutrient management budget is, why it is important, and how farmers can put them to best use. 

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