Miscellaneous Agreements


PCPA is responsible for processing several other types of programmatic agreements for UC ANR.

Below we will briefly outline the different types of agreements, describe the process, who should execute the agreement, and provide useful links.

To submit a request for review and signature, use the "Contact Us" section for all agreements found on this page.

On this page: Agriculture by-products, Hotel Contracts, Workflow, Execution/Signature Authority, and Useful links.

Agriculture By-Products

When researchers have conducted their research on plants or animals that produce materials that can be sold for profit, the buyer will send a contract for the purchase of those products. Those contracts are called agriculture by-products agreements and must be reviewed by PCPA and Risk Services before the sell.

To ensure quicker turnaround please send the following information with your request:

  1. Who is harvesting crop? (REC employees, contract labor, buyer, etc.)
  2. Does buyer need to bring vehicles, trailers, or equipment on REC? If so, describe.
  3. Confirm that REC Superintendent/Director has reviewed this agreement and agree to the following:
    1. REC can accommodate any special handling requirements included in the agreement
    2. Any pesticides used on the subject crop were applied in compliance with state and county regulations and pesticide label requirements.
    3. No experimental pesticides were applied to the crop.
    4. Pesticide Use Reports will be made available to buyer if requested.

An example for #3 1-4, have the REC Director write: I confirm that all pesticide applications to our Center’s _____ that will be harvested, hauled and sold to _____ are in compliance with state and county regulations and according to the pesticide labeling. Also, there haven’t been any experimental pesticides applied to the _____ that we intend to harvest and sell to _____. I will submit the Center’s pesticide reports to _____ upon their request.

Hotel Contracts

These requests are usually vetted through ANR's Program Support Unit before being sent to PCPA. However, PCPA and Risk Services conduct a review of all hotel contracts.

Agreement Workflow

PCPA is responsible for the administration and execution of agreements mentioned on this page. These types of agreements are usually time-sensitive and PCPA prioritizes these agreements as appropriate to ensure the quickest turnaround possible, while complying with UC policies, state, and federal law.

View Agreement Workflow on the right for steps to initiate the review on your Agreement.

Execution/Signature Authority

Usefule Links