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Event Equipment

The following items are available for borrow:

  • Ice - we have a large ice machine in the catering area
  • Beverage buckets
  • Extension Cords
  • Easels
  • Portable field microphones
  • Signage - registration signs
  • Banners - Floor and tabletop banners (view photographs below)
  • ANR branded table drapes
  • Projectors and laptops for meetings held outside the ANR building

There is no charge to borrow equipment; however, you will be responsible for lost or broken items. Shipping charges are also the responsibility of the borrower. We'll work with you to arrange shipping or transport of items. 

If you need advice on ordering equipment or would like copies of electronic files to re-order your own banners, please contact PSU via email.

Reserve your equipment by completing the online request form.


Tabletop Banners - 11" x 17"

1T. 4-H -
1. 4-H BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
2. IPM BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
3T. Water Institute
4T. California Naturalist
4. CAL NAT BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
5T. Master Gardener
5. Master Gard BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
6T. Master Food Preservers - 
6. Master Food Pres BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
7. IGIS BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
8T. Ag Issues
8. Ag Issues BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
9. UC CE BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
10. UC RECS BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
11T. NPI
11. NPI BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
12T. SAREP -
12. SAREP BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop
13. EFNEP BSM-11 UCANR Tabletop

Floor Banners - 33.5" x 80"

1F. Lady Bugs
1. lady bugs BSK-90 UCANR Banners

2F. Citrus Tree

2. citrus tree BSK-90 UCANR Banners

3F. Large Leaf
3. large leaf BSK-90 UCANR Banners
4F. Family Shopping Market 
4. family shopping market BSK-90 UCANR Banners
5F. Child with Blackberry
5. child with blackberry BSK-90 UCANR Banners

6F. Child with Plants
6. child with plants BSK-90 UCANR Banners

7F. Man Watering Plants
7. man watering plants BSK-90 UCANR Banners
8F. Woman Weeding
8. woman weeding BSK-90 UCANR Banners
9F. Irrigation System
9. irrigation system BSK-90 UCANR Banners

10F. Man in Flower Field
10. man in flower field BSK-90 UCANR Banners

11F.Large Tree and Scientist
11. large tree and scientist BSK-90 UCANR Banners

12F. Man in Creek
12. man in creek BSK-90 UCANR Banners
13F. Counties
13. counties BSK-90 UCANR Banners