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Event Planning Assistance

What can we do

The Program Support Unit may be able to assist with coordination of workshops, conferences, symposia that are regional, statewide or national in focus. 

Types of Assistance
Program planning and coordination
On-site coordination
Business and contract management
Facility use, catering, audiovisual agreement
Risk management advice
Compilation of meeting notes
Coordination of presenters
Website creation

Submit a request for event assistance

How To Obtain Approval for Assistance
Complete and submit a request via online form to let us know what type of assistance you will require. 

What's Next?
The Program Support Unit will evaluate your request and someone will respond to you within one week. Each request will be analyzed individually to determine if there are resources to assist with the requested tasks.

What Will This Cost?
The Program Support Unit fee schedule is being implemented over a three-year period beginning in 18/19 FY. See the Fees section and let us know if you have any questions.