University of California
ANR Program Support Unit

Past PSU Supported Events


Invasive Species Summit, January 8
Pistachio Day, January 17
New 4-H Staff Orientation, January 23-25
Walnut Research Conference, January 23-26
Climate Change in CE Workshop, February 6-7
World Ag Expo, February 13-15
Rice Technical Working Group (RTWG) Conference, February 19-22
County Directors Meeting, February 22
REC Directors, February 23
Region Leaders Forum, March 1-4
International Workshop on the Use of Barn Owls for Agricultural Pest Control, March 5-7
Citrus Tour, March 16-23
WEDA, WAAESD, WRPLC, March 26-28
ANR Statewide Conference, April 9-12
County Director Institute, May 7-9
California Naturalist Program Review, May 14
Collaborative Facilitation and Group Process Tools Workshop, May 21-22
Administration Orientation, May 23
Pistachio ET Workshop, May 30
4-H Citizen & Leadership Washington Focus, June 16 and 26
Drone Camp, June 18-21
4-H California Focus, June 22-26
Chinese Extension Alliance Delegation, June 22
Leadership Washington Focus, July 15-20
BARD: The Future of Water for Irrigation, July 16-18
4-H State Leadership Conference, July 26-29
Ecosystem Services Meeting, August 22
Maximizing Groundwater Recharge Land Use and Water Symposium, September 6
County Directors Meeting, September 13
Grant Essentials Summit, September 13
Turfgrass Field Day, September 13
Grant Essentials Summit, September 27
Open Farm, October 3
Rosenberg Forum, October 8-10
Walnut Short Course, November 5-7
2nd Annual Staff Assembly Ambassador Conference, November 13
Administrative Orientation, November 14
Vegetable Crops PT, November 26-27
California Hemp Summit, November 30
Ag Leadership, December 5-7
President's Advisory Commission (PAC), December 18



Proven Solutions to Drought Stress: Water Mgmt Strategies for Perennial Crops, January 12-13
Pistachio Day, January 20
Rosenberg Forum, January 25-30
Walnut Research Conference, January 27-29
Healthy Lifestyles/Healthy Behaviors PT, February 25
California Dairy Conference, March 8-10
Dairy PT, March 8
Pomology PT (PECC), March 9
Applications of GIS for Rangelands and Data Management, March 11
Intro to GIS for Crop Agriculture, March 14
IGIS/PAC, March 16
PECC/Pomology PT, March 17-18
Agronomic Crops PT, March 22-23
YD & Healthy Behaviors PTs, March 22-23
Ag Production Systems PTs, April 11-12
Essential Facilitation, April 11-13
Environmental Horticulture PT, April 18-19
Research Methods Professional Development Institute for ANR academics, April 18-20
President's Advisory Commission (PAC), April 30
Drone Technology and Regulations & Remote Sensing for Unmanned Aerial Systems, May 26-27
Pest Mgmt. PT, June 13-15
4-H California Focus, June 17-21
County Directors Meeting, June 22
President's Advisory Commission (PAC), June 29
Economic Summit Environmental Services, July 6
Apps for Ag Hackathon, July 15-17
4H Statewide Leadership Conference, July 21-24
California Naturalists Conference, September 9-11
Redwood Symposium, September 13-15
Turfgrass Field Day, September 15
Forestry and Rangelands Program Team, September 16
HFC SI Conference, September 26-28
Programmatic Orientation, October 3
Research to Policy Program Team and In-Service, October 12-13
NC1171 Meeting, October 16-18
County Directors Meeting, October 19
California Economic Summit Ecosystem Services Meeting Follow Up, October 26
Almond Short Course, November 8-10
Do No Harm Workshop, November 15
Joint SI Conference - EIPD & SNE, November 16-17
President's Advisory Commission (PAC), November 29
Research Methods Professional Development Institute, November 30-December 2
Vegetable Crops Program Team, December 5-6
Ag Leadership - Winter Meeting, December 7


Statewide Pistachio Day, January 21

Walnut Research Conference, January 28-30

Agricultural Production Management Systems Program Team, February 10-11

Water Resources Program Team, February 12-13

GIS for Agriculture Crop Focus Workshop, February 17

Environmental Horticulture and Pest Management Program Team, April 8

Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Workshops, April 8, 10, 15, and 22

National Extension and Research Administrative Officers Conference (NERAOC), May 3-6

Healthy Behaviors to Prevent Childhood Obesity Program Team, May 12-14

4-H Animal Science Symposium, May 27-29

4-H California Focus, June 19-23

4-H Citizenship Washington Focus, June 28-July 7

USDA FSA Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) Workshops, various times July 17-August 13

4-H Statewide Leadership Conference, July 22-23

UCR Turfgrass & Landscape Research Field Day, September 17

UC ANR Joint Strategic Initiative Conference, October 5-7

NC-140 Multistate Rootstock Conference, November 1-4

National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) Conference, December 1-3

Vegetable Crops Program Team, December 8-9


Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), January 15-17

Pistachio Day, January 16

4-H Conference, February 11-13

Alfalfa Integrated Pest Management, February 22

County Directors Meeting, March 7

ANR Statewide Conference - Ontario, California, April 9-11

County Directors Meeting, June 26

Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Extension (SARE), July 9-10

4-H Thrive, August 24-25

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Evaluation, August 27-28

4-H Thrive, September 7, 13, and 14-15

UCR Turfgrass & Landscape Research Field Day, September 12

Woody Biomass Utilization Workshop, October 22 and 24

County Directors Meeting, October 24

Woody Biomass Utilization Workshop, November 7

Environmental Horticulture/Water Program Team, November 7-8

Meat Production and Food Safety Program Team, November 12-13

Forest & Rangeland Program Team, November 20

Mite Identification and Production Workshop, November 21 and 22

Money Talks Workgroup, December 3-4

Vegetable Crops Program Team, December 3-4

Alfalfa Symposium, December 11-13

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