Join The Pollen Nation!
Join The Pollen Nation!
Join The Pollen Nation!
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Join The Pollen Nation!

Join the #PollenNation!

You've reached the landing station of The #PollenNation!

Who are we, you might ask? We are the bees, butterflies, bugs, birds, beetles, bats and breezes that pollinate all the things you love to see, smell and taste! Many of the fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries that you love to eat were once flowers. It takes a pollinator to turn that flower into food. 

So if you love food, then you should love pollinators too! The Pollen Nation is a group of invertebrates who celebrates all the hard work that pollinators put in to help plants reproduce themselves... and provide tasty food for us!


Pollinators are crucially important to ecosystems. Without pollination many wild plants could not reproduce and survive. Animals (including humans) are indirectly dependent on the services pollinators provide, because they eat the fruits or plants that pollinators help create.

Can you think of anything besides the natural act of pollination that guarantees food safety and maintains the diversity among wild plants, crops and animals…. for free? Didn’t think so.

The Pollen Nation also brings awareness to those individuals who don't know about the different animal players that help the pollination process and keep it running smoothly. If you want to help pollinators do what they do best.....

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Use #PollenNation when you see pollinators in your city, town, yard or garden. We want to see how you’re a part of the #PollenNation!

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