Join The Pollen Nation!
Join The Pollen Nation!
Join The Pollen Nation!
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Join The Pollen Nation!

How to Join

Use the P.O.L.L.E.N method to join the Nation!

  • Protect - If you see a pollinator in trouble, help them out! Pollinators like bugs and birds are small and fragile and it’s easy for people to hurt them. Be gentle and quiet when they are near and put them back outside if they find their way inside your house.
  • Organize - Create a group in your community to help make habitats for pollinators in your town or city. You can even make pollinator gardens! Click here to find out how! If you don't have the space for a pollinator garden, you can always plant wildflowers wherever you see an open patch of ground. This is a great way to supply free food to pollinators in the area, not to mention a great view for you and your friends to enjoy!
  • Listen - Use your ears to listen for the "BUZZ" of pollinator activity in your area. If you can't hear or see any pollinator activity, take action!
  • Learn - Find out more about your local pollinators and how you can help them out. Use our Helpful Links page to learn more.
  • Educate -  Tell your friends and family what you’ve learned on this site and educate everyone you can about all the great things pollinators do for us. Teach them how and why we need to help them out.
  • Notice - Look around outside every now and then and check on the population of local pollinators. Notice how many there are. Are there enough? If not, you now have the power and information to change that!

Use #PollenNation when you see pollinators in your city, town, yard or garden. We want to see how you’re a part of the #PollenNation!

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