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People Management

The resources below were chosen to give you an example of learning opportunities in people management. Feel free to browse the UC Learning Center (affiliated with your location), Corporate Executive Board's (CEB) Learning & Development Leadership Council, Lynda.com, and other resources for further exploration.
UC People Management Series Certificate (information)
The UC People Management Series Certificate (links to modules) can help you elevate, empower, and engage your employees. Access these courses via the UC Learning Center.
Onboarding New ANR Employees
Create Lynda.com training playlists for your employees!
Start your People Management learning using this People Management Lynda.com play list.
UC People Manager Core Competencies
The following list of training opportunities support the UC Core Competencies for People Managers.
Employee Focus ( Lynda.com play list)
Operational Focus 
Organizational Focus (Lynda.com play list)
Improving Organizational IQ (CEB Learning & Development Leadership Council)
Manager Diagnostic: How effective are you at developing your employees (CEB Learning & Development Leadership Council)
Self Focus
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (UC Davis, UC Learning Center)
Managing from Within: Self-empowerment (UC Davis, UC Learning Center)
Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job (UC Davis, UC Learning Center)
Workplace Focus  (Lynda.com play list)
Diversity Awareness for New Supervisors (UC Learning Center, UC Davis)
Using Facilitation Skills as a Manager (UC Learning Center, UC Davis)
Humor in the Workplace (Lynda.com video)
To access the UC Learning Center at your location: