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Helping with UC 4-H

Project Funding - some real opportunities



Getting Started

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Easy Ways to Get Started

Big Dig Day: ANR's Day of Giving

Talking to Donors

Rules/Administrative Info

The Do’s and Don’t of Fundraising at ANR: Section 206 of the Administrative Handbook 

Online Credit Card Fees


Tips for exploring options

Being More Business Like

New ways of doing business

Developing a Business Plan Checklist

50 Entrepreneurs share advice


In the counties

Examples of successful funding models (generated by CDs) Shared positions

Tips to engage local businesses and corporations

Tips for local engagement

Talking Points

Funding ideas and approaches (from CD meeting 2019)

UC 4-H: Funding needs 2019

Impact numbers and stories (PPE)

Externally funded positions

Why should someone fund a position in UC ANR?

Guidelines for pursuing non-traditionally funded positions

Example of a position agreement

Tips for New Advisors

Getting started (A note from Advisors)

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Understanding Cost Share

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Helping with UC 4-H

 4-H Grows Here - Business Partnership Toolkit

4-H Grows Here Business Partnership

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Sample Newsletter and Social Media Message

Sample Donor Letter

Sample Thank-you Letter

Business Partner Flyer

4-H Toolkits for CDs and Volunteers

4-H toolkit for CDs

4-H toolkit for Volunteers

The value of 4-H

       Dr Bernadett's remarks

Dr. Bernadett’s remarks

Dr Bernadett's slides

funding opps

Project Funding - some real opportunities

UC ANR Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program RFP and other grants

Funding opportunities

Investment program

Grant writing

Proposal tips

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