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Telling your story

Telling your Story

Communicating Science

Facts & figures

How is UC ANR making a difference for Californians

An overview of UC ANR

Who are we?

Impact numbers and stories (Project Planning & Evaluation)

UC Delivers

Federal Reports and Plans (web)

UC ANR Public Value Statements (Web)

Reports; Latino initiative

craft your story


Communicating Science

Tips on communicating Science Fact Sheet (Kat Kerlin, UC Davis)

Telling a good story

"Knowing How to Tell a Good Story Is Like Having Mind Control" Alan Alda Video 

" How to tell a great story" Article Carolyn O'Hara, Harvard Business review

Writing your message

UC ANR Communications toolkit

UC ANR: Facts, figures & impact stories

How to write an Impact Statements (PPE Website)

Public Value statements

About Public Value Statements WebANR ; (41 min) ; Fact Sheet 

About Condition Changes  WebANR (39 mins)

Real examples of PVS and CC  (PPE web).

How do I measure them?


County Template (Powerpoint)

County Example (PDF) ;

Statewide example (PDF)


Awesome infographic ideas

9 Awesome Infographic Design Examples

40 of the best infographics to inspire you

Working with the Media

Talking to the media A Checklist

Productive Publicity: Media Relations Brochure (PDF)

Writing an event News release (Template PDF)

Writing a News Release Template (PDF)

Submitting a News Release (for distribution by the ANR News and Information Office) (ANR online form)