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Employee and Supervisor Roles

Employee’s Role

While the supervisor has a significant role in assisting the employee, ultimately the employee is responsible for taking the incentive for professional development. To do so the employee can:

  • Schedule an appointment with the supervisor to start the process
  • Assess their existing skills, competencies, and interests
  • Research ways of meeting goals
  • Draft the IDP
  • Evaluate their progress and inform the supervisor


Supervisor’s Role

 A supervisor’s role in the IDP process is to act as a guide and assist the employee by:

  • Giving feedback on job performance
  • Sharing skill sets and competencies and areas for improvement
  • Serving as a coach and mentor
  • Reflecting the organization’s goals, needs, and opportunities while taking into account the employee’s career path
  • Helping to evaluate staff potential for advancement and credentials for other positions
  • Serving as a resource to explore staff career development opportunities
  • After training takes place, following up to ensure the employee has opportunities to use the new skills or knowledge.