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Extension & Delivery

Materials & tools to help you develop and deliver your educational content - presented around the structure of "ASK ME".


What is the "ASK ME" framework?

Simply, an easy to remember practical framework for ... Planning, Implementation, Communicating and Evaluating your program

A "Audience & Needs"

Who are they? What do they need & want?

Identify, prioritize & plan

S "Solution(s)"

What is practical & relevant to meet the need(s)?

Develop appropriate solutions & Policies

K "Key Message"

What do people need to know to successfully make the change?

Synthesize your message

M "Message" (Development & Delivery)

How can the message best be packaged and communicated?

Develop and communicate your message

E "Evaluation"

How can each step be improved?

Learn how to improve and assess and report impact


Reference: Ag Extension Online - an external site with a number of practical extension fact sheets.