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Extension & Delivery




An easy to remember practical framework for ...

Planning, Implementation, Communicating and Evaluating your program

A "Audience & Needs" Identify, prioritize & plan

S "Solution(s)" Develop appropriate solutions & Policies

K "Key Message" Synthesize your message

M "Message" (Development & Delivery) Develop and communicate your message

E "Evaluation" Learn how to improve and assess impact


Audience and Need

In this section

Getting Started
Needs Assessment elements
Working with groups

Audience and needs

Getting Started

10 tips to starting  your program Fact Sheet

Needs Assessment elements

Planning & implementing

Steps in a needs assessment Fact Sheet (Bell & Rickman)

Setting priorities Fact Sheet

Needs Assessment training PPT (Webb-Martinez, Vikram Koundina and Chris Greer)

Secondary data Fact Sheet; Activity Sheet

Logic Model.

What is a logic model? How make one and why? Fact Sheet

Plan a farm visit

(Key questions and what do – who to contact) (Coming)

Assessment resources

Program Planning & Evaluation (web)

Working with others

Learn about

  • Building trust,
  • Facilitation,
  • Engaging groups, etc.




Existing recommendations

Knowledge Bank: A portal to UC ANR's applied information.

Experimental methodology

YFC: Research and Evaluation Resources (Web)

Evaluating Technology for acceptability

Technology assessment sheet

Some basic Stats

Randomized Complete Block Design Review Sheet
Rt-test review Sheet

UC Davis Statistic Services (fee-based; first hour free, additional time @ $120/hr)

Towards Policy Work

Policy primer Fact Sheet

Policy manual


Key message


Message (development and delivery)

In this section


Developing your message


Fact sheets & newsletters

Planning and writing for your audience

Impact statements



Online courses

Photography & Videos


Social Media

fact sheet

Fact sheets & newsletters

Draft your message Fact sheet

Make your message Compelling "AID" Info sheet

Fact sheet Template (a template with suggestions)

Evaluate your fact sheets Fact sheet



5 tips for better newsletters (Steve Elliott)
writing for your audience

Planning and writing for your audience

Creating a Communications Plan - Template

Writing persuasively Fact Sheet

Connect with your audience (5 tips) Fact Sheet or Link

Communicating Science, Creating Trust Video (40:24 min - Kat Kerlin)

How to Promote Your Program Using the ANR Brand Video (51:07)

UC ANR Translation services (NOS)

impact statements

Impact statements

UC ANR Training Impact Statement Template pdf (PPE)

PR Outcomes and Impacts examples PowerPoint (PPE)

Public Value Statements Fact Sheet Putting Public Value Statements to Work for Me Video (41:35)

Condition Changes Fact Sheet Putting Condition Changes to Work for Me Video (32:09)


Information Technology

IT in Extension Link



Should I create an App? Fact sheet
Using SiteBuilder 3.0 (Video 1, Video 2)
Google Analytics with SiteBuilder (Video)

On-line courses


Adult Learning Strategies Video (37:36)
Developing Online Learning

Checklist (UC IPM)

Beginner considerations - Fact Sheet (UC ANR)

Tips on development: Flow plus...  Fact sheet (from UC IPM)

Top 10 rules web (Magna)

Best Practices Online course (U Florida)

Instruction Technology and Training Web (U Florida)

On-line platform to deliver courses: currently our best option seems to be eXtension.org

Book resources: The Systematic Design of Instruction (Seventh Edition) Amazon (Rec P Kosina) ; Essentials of Online Course Design- A Standards-Based Guide (Second Edition) (Rec Lauren Snowden)

Videos and Photography







Webinar Guidelines pdf (from UC IPM)

5 Tips for Engaging Webinars webpage (Global Learning Partners)

Webinar cheat sheet 1 (GoToWebinar)

Webinar tip sheet (UC ANR)

Planning A Webinar (21:06) (UC ANR)

Social media

social media

Communicating Your Story with Social Media PPT, Tip 1 Tip Sheet

Communicating Your Story Tip Sheet 

Communicating Your Story Tip Sheet, Bibliography

Elevate Your Program with Content Strategy PPT

  • My experience with Social media (Powerpoint Haydn Smith)

Blogging Basics


LinkedIn Video (56:12)

Twitter Video (59:30)

Communicating Your Story:

Facebook Essentials Video (51:51)

Communicating your Story (Haydn Smith)


Delivering your message


Field days

Planning (Web - WSARE)
Check list (doc - UC ANR)
presentation skills

Presentation skills

Remember - Who’s the audience and what type of language should I use? Give background, introduce the problem, then jump into what and why. Avoid jargon what’s the simple take home and why is it important. Use simple language that a non-expert would understand.

Storytelling: Making your presentation Ted Worthy

Storytelling Part 1. Video (Adam Napolitan)

Storytelling Part 2. Video (Adam Napolitan) (37 mins)

Presentations Skills Fact sheet

Communicating Science Fact Sheet ; UC ANR WebANR (40:25) (Kat Kerlin, UC Davis)

Media. Talking to the media Checklist Fact Sheet

group field

Working with others

Learn about

  • Building trust,
  • Facilitation,
  • Engaging groups, etc.







Around the office

Funding basics - different funding types and sources

How to write proposals (how to identify and engage the right partners)

“+” - plus

Understand Extension - Change management, Customer service; The technology adoption process (Behavior change)

Plan and implement programs - Planning; Priority setting; Proposal writing; Resource management and allocation, Reporting (activity and personal performance reviews), Budget management, Funding basics, Proposal writing.

Personal skills - People management, Time management; Professionalism; Flexibility; Self-directed; Problem solving; Continuous learning; Handling emails



Reference: Ag Extension Online - an external site with a number of practical extension fact sheets.