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Extension & Delivery

Materials & tools to help you develop and deliver your educational content - presented around the structure of "ASK ME".

Getting Started

10 tips to starting your program Fact Sheet

Skills required for successful extension fact sheet

Structure your approach ASK ME fact sheet

Make your message and your delivery compelling "AID" & "TIGRS" Info sheet

Impact Collaborative Innovation Canvas (ISBE) tool; fillable form from Extension Foundation) Use this Innovation Skills Building Experience  tool with your team to plan and build your innovative project.

ISBE Blocks: Planning, Checklist & Using the Innovation Canvas (video)
Innovation Skill-Building Flipping Book (online book)

See More at Orientation

How to be successful in working across large areas (online presentation) Fact Sheet

What a good program looks like (online presentation) Fact sheet



What is the "ASK ME" framework?

Simply, an easy to remember practical framework for ... Planning, Implementation, Communicating and Evaluating your program

A "Audience & Needs"

Who are they? What do they need & want?

Identify, prioritize & plan

S "Solution(s)"

What is practical & relevant to meet the need(s)?

Develop appropriate solutions & Policies

K "Key Message"

What do people need to know to successfully make the change?

Synthesize your message

M "Message" (Development & Delivery)

How can the message best be packaged and communicated?

Develop and communicate your message

E "Evaluation"

How can each step be improved?

Learn how to improve and assess and report impact


Reference: Ag Extension Online - an external site with a number of practical extension fact sheets.