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Audience & Needs

Who are they? What do they need & want? - Identify, prioritize & plan

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Getting Started
Needs Assessment
Setting Goals
Working with groups


Getting Started
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10 tips to starting  your program Fact Sheet

Needs Assessment


Audience analysis (fact sheet)

Planning & implementing

Steps in a needs assessment Fact Sheet (Bell & Rickman)

Setting priorities Fact Sheet

Field diagnostics (Annual crops) Fact sheet

Needs Assessment training PPT (Webb-Martinez, Vikram Koundina and Chris Greer)

Secondary data Fact Sheet; Activity Sheet

Plan a farm visit

(Key questions and what do – who to contact) (Coming)

Assessment resources

Program Planning & Evaluation (web)

Setting Goals (Themes & Objectives)

Goal setting (online slide show) (UC ANR)

Goal setting (hand out for slide show)

How they fit Fact sheet

Tools to help set Goals

Logic Model. What is it? How make one and why? Fact Sheet

Mindmapping (web link mindmapping.com)

LogFrame (web)

Working with others

Working with others

Learn about

  • Accessibility
  • Adult learning principles
  • Building trust,
  • Facilitation,
  • Engaging groups, etc.