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Message (Development & Delivery)

How can the message best be packaged and communicated?

Develop your message

Deliver your message



Develop your message

Plan your Communication Strategy

Adult learning principles

Copyright materials

Creating Courses for Continuing Educational Units (CEUs)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Material review options & ADA Compliance


Written materials

Virtual Delivery

Working with others

Open Source Images & Audio


Plan your Communication Strategy
Plan by STIL unsplash

Audience analysis - Where do they get information now? (Fact sheet)

Communicating for Impact Online presentation | handout | Quiz

Communicating Science Using the Science of Communication (PDF from Livestock And Poultry Environmental Learning Community)

Communicating Science Using the Science of Communication (webinar recording - coming soon)

Communication 4 tips (Video 1 min 24 sec)

Short communication quiz

8 Elements in a Communications Plan - (Rose Hayden-Smith)

Options to create a communication plan

One page exercise sheet for a simple communications strategy (Exercise sheet)

Template for a communication plan to expand your virtual reach (Fact sheet)

Communications Toolkit @ ANR

Adult Learning Principles

Adult learning principles

Keep this in mind as you plan


Copyright Materials

If I find it on the web is it fair use? For more information on protecting others' copyright materials and how to protect your own, review the UC Copyright resource pages.

Creating Courses for Continuing Educational Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Fact sheet

Material review options & ADA Compliance

Review Guidelines to Keep You Out of Trouble (CAB - Fact Sheet) How and what materials should be reviewed

Why accessibility matters (2 min)

ADA compliance

Accessibility is for Everyone - Global Accessibility Awareness Day, May 20, 2021, UCOP

Webinar recording
Accessibility resources presented in the webinar
Answers to many of the questions that arose in the Q&A
A PDF guide of simple steps for improving accessibility

Microsoft powerpoint

Here's a note on ADA compliance in slides along with an easy-to-use tool from Microsoft in ppt to check accessibility: Accessibility Checker. If that doesn't get you there, then do this if you don't see the Accessibility Checker

PDF documents

Making pdf's accessible (from Adobe)

Word-to-PDF and PDF Accessibility Guide (UCOP)

Social Media

UC ANR’s social media policy page includes links to accessibility guidelines and resources.

Web and software

Accessibility Testing for Websites and Software (.gov)

Think HTML first 

Where possible, post content to the web as HTML text and images (as a webpage rather than a Word, PDF, etc document). Web browsers have built-in accessibility features, and the content will be accessible across platforms (phones, tablets, laptop/desktop). Content creators must still take care to follow accessibility guidelines on links, headings, alt-text and so on. See these tips for creating accessible web content

SiteImprove: This tool helps diagnose accessibility issues on websites. To set up SiteImprove to analyze your SiteBuilder site, submit an ANR IT support ticket (help@ucanr.edu).  

UC Global Accessibility Awareness Day (video) UCOP May20, 2021
Accessibility Resources (UCOP website)
Simple steps for improving accessibility (PDF Guide)


Adult learning principles
Graphic design

Presentation Design Principles For Better PowerPoint Design (Video 7:08)

Three Design Hacks for Better Visual Presentation (Video 5:16)

How to use PowerPoint Animations for a More Engaging and Better Training Presentation (Video 6:44)

Also see Presentation skills below

Written materials

Adult learning principles - keep this in mind as you plan


Create a plan

Write persuasively Fact Sheet


Is your writing "readable"? (from grammarly)

Check readability in word (MS web site) (Note: you have to go through the spelling check in order to see the readability score) (Readability video Youtube)

Write in Plain English (LinkedIn Learning)

Communicating Science, Creating Trust Video (40:24 min - Kat Kerlin)

Promote Your Program Using the ANR Brand Video (51:07)

UC ANR Translation services (NOS)

Fact sheets & newsletters

Draft your message Fact sheet

Make your message and your delivery compelling "AID" & "TIGRS" Info sheet

Writing a good fact sheet Fact sheet

Fact sheet Template (a template with suggestions)

fact sheet template example

Fact sheet guidelines (from Agronomy Program Team - png)

Evaluate your fact sheets Fact sheet


5 tips for better newsletters (Steve Elliott)

Virtual Delivery
Future by Cerqueria unsplash

Virtual Delivery 

Deliver your message

Learn how to improve and assess impact

A. Plan your communication strategy

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Field Days

Presentation skills

Running Meetings

Virtual delivery

Workshops & training

Working with others


Field days
field day

Adult learning principles - keep this in mind as you plan

Planning (Web - WSARE)
Check list (doc - UC ANR)

Running Meetings

Adult learning principles - keep this in mind as you develop materials

Better meetings

Presentation skills

Remember - Who’s the audience and what type of language should I use? Give background, introduce the problem, then jump into what and why. Avoid jargon what’s the simple take home and why is it important. Use simple language that a non-expert would understand.

Adult learning principles - keep this in mind as you plan

Storytelling: Making your presentation Ted Worthy

Storytelling Part 1. Video (Adam Napolitan)

Storytelling Part 2. Video (Adam Napolitan) (37 mins)

PowerPoint tips

TED Worthy Slides Fact Sheet (Adam Napolitan)

Speaking with Confidence (LinkedIn Learning)

Presentations Skills Fact sheet

Overcoming your Fear of Public Speaking (LinkedIn Learning)

Dealing with Skeptics Fact Sheet

Communicating Science Fact Sheet ; UC ANR WebANR (40:25) (Kat Kerlin, UC Davis)

Media. Talking to the media Checklist Fact Sheet

Working with Others

Working with others

Learn about

  • Adult education principles
  • Building trust,
  • Facilitation,
  • Engaging groups, etc.

Anti-racist resources (UC ANR web)

Open Source Image & Audio (fill out this CalFresh survey to access PDF)

Open source images and audio files are licensed under a group of open source licenses (ex., Creative Commons). In general, they allow you to use them in various activities without attributing the author or having to obtain a license. However, it is always important to check permission restrictions before you use a file in your teaching.