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Statistics Technical Support and Consulting

UC ANR encourages its academics and staff to self-identify statistics experts who are open to opportunities for consulting and collaboration within the UC ANR network. Please sign-up in this Google sheetWhile consulting fees are not expected by those listed in the database linked below, please inquire with your prospective contacts about preferences and conditions for their participation on a project.
Below the Google sheet are additional options for statistics consultation, including groups within UC ANR, UC campuses, and public forums. Please note that costs for consulting services may vary based on your current location and type of service requested.

UC ANR’s IGIS holds online office hours Mondays and Tuesdays from 3-5pm. During these times, one or more IGIS team members will be available via Zoom to discuss topics related to mapping, GIS, spatial analysis, web maps, drones, ArcGIS, Pix4D, ENVI, R, Access, Cal-Adapt, Google Apps, Google Earth Engine, etc.

Fees: This service is available for free to all UC ANR employees and IGIS affiliates.

Cross Validated Statistics Exchange
Cross validated is an open, online public forum where anyone can ask a statistics question; the best answers are upvoted by other users.

Fees: Free.

UC Berkeley D-Lab
D-Lab offers services in three key areas: (1) Consulting: D-Lab consultants can assist with the full cycle of research projects including research design, survey methods, sample design, data acquisition, statistical methods, evaluation, and communication of results. (2) Training: D-Lab provides a venue to ensure researchers can overcome technical barriers to accelerate and improve their research projects by taking full advantage of advanced scientific computing. (3) Data: D-Lab supports the social science data needs of UC Berkeley researchers and provides access to a broad range of social science data and works with researchers to help them understand the content and use of these data. Berkeley D-Lab welcomes inquiries from Berkeley faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students at all levels of expertise.

Fees: Contact them directly for fees.

UC Davis Stats Lab
UC Davis Stat Lab key areas of service: (1) Collaborative Research (2) Education/Training (3) Contracted Studies. Services include providing advice to researchers in preparing statistics-related sections of proposals for extramural funding, assisting researchers on the design of prospective experiments or studies, conducting or giving advice concerning statistical data analysis, and planning or executing statistically motivated computation.

Fees: Internal Clients - UCD Faculty and Staff: No charge for the first hour of consultation per project, then recharged to a grant or the department at $120/hour. University Affiliates - No charge for the first hour of consultation per project, then charged for services from Stat Lab personnel at $120/hour and variable salary hourly rates per hour for services from Stat Lab associate members. External Clients - External clients are charged $200/hour for services from Stat Lab personnel. Variable hourly rates are charged for services from associate members.

UC Riverside Statistical Collaboratory
The Collaboratory promotes two main types of activities for both the greater UCR community and external clients: (1) Collaborative: methodology development, grant/funding planning, interdisciplinary collaboration, student training and (2) Service-oriented: design of experiment, model selection and fitting, institutional research, software support, and more.

Fees: On-Campus Free Consultation: 10 hours per quarter for all UCR's faculty, staff, and students On-Campus Premium Services: $62/hour for any additional hours beyond the 10 hour limit Off-Campus Rate: $105/hour.