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Upcoming webinars (what's in the pipeline?)
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WebANR -
Third Thursday WebANRs cover one of 3 tracks: Extension Delivery, Building Support, Office & Team Management; If you have a WebANR to offer  contact jlazulai@ucanr.edu; Support covered by L&D.

Strategic Initiative Spotlight Webinars
- Spotlight program outreach and impact in California communities. Want to offer a spotlight? If yes, contact your Strategic Initiative leader. See steps here. Support costs covered by the SI. (Previous Spotlight webinars)

Webinar plus - Cover both technical and skill topics.


If you want a Zoom webinar account (versus meeting account) and/or other support:

The Program Support Unit (PSU) can help with promotion, on the day, survey development...Costs? Start free and then costs apply based on support wanted.

-PSU event coordination fees
-For support, fill out a Program Support Unit survey

For resources on developing and conducting webinars: How to create an engaging webinar


Upcoming webinars (what's in the pipeline?)

  Extension Delivery
  Building Support
  Office, Team, & Personal Development


Extension Delivery

Past webinar recordings

Food Resiliency Spotlight Series Webinar #10
: Reducing Food Costs and Improving Sustainability
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

10:00-11:00 am.
Register to attend here.

California produces over 400 commodities. Cattle help to make these industries sustainable while keeping your food costs low. Many commodities have byproducts and waste associated with them prior to consumer point of purchase. Ruminant animals have the digestive tract to upcycle these materials to high quality, nutritious foods and fiber. Join us for a discussion on commonly fed by-products in California and understand the value of public research to improve the quality of life for Californians.

Writing Strong Impact Statements
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

10:00 a.m. – Noon
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Highlighting CE examples to build program planning and evaluation capacity. This 8-part series is being offered a la carte. Select whatever interests you! Participants will gain…

  • Experience organizing your program activities into themes using condition changes
  • Experience connecting your project/program outcomes to condition changes and public values

Understanding of how to write strong impact statements; Planning and Evaluation Capacity Building


Building Support

Past webinar recordings

POSTPONED -- Stay Tuned ---

The Benefits of Working with the California 4-H Foundation

An opportunity to learn more about the Foundation’s role and mission. Not just for 4-H advisors and staff but also for CDs and others. With Mary Ciricillo. Zoom access.

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Office, Team, and Individual Management

Coming soon!

Past webinar recordings