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Interfolio - Reviewer/Supervisor User Manual

What is Interfolio?

ANR has teamed up with interfolio.com for Academic Program Review. Reviewers/supervisors will utilize Interfolio to view candidates’ materials, upload comments, and move cases forward.  

Reviewer Instructions

  1. Receive an email from Interfolio indicating you have a case ready to review and login to Interfolio via the link in the email.
  2. You may be asked to select "University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources" or "Dossier." Always select the UC ANR option in order to access both your own academic program review and the cases that you are being asked to review. The Dossier option takes you to an optional, personal account with Interfolio.
  3. You will be taken to the "Case Materials" screen for the academic needing review.
  4. Alternative way to login: From Project Board, click on the top right drop down menu, then select Academic Program Review. Click on the blue "upload" button, then when you enter Interfolio, click on "Cases" on the left menu to see your cases.
  5. Click "Read Case" to view all the case materials provided by the candidate. If you do not see cases, click on "Cases" on the left menu of Interfolio.
  6. If the academic you are reviewing requires Confidential Letters of Evaluation, you have the option to request additional letters. Scroll to the bottom and click “Request”.

  7. After reviewing the case materials, scroll back to the top and click "Case Details"
  8. Download the review template indicated, fill it out, and upload it again under "Required Documents".  After you have selected a file for upload, please name it "Primary Supervisor" or "Secondary Supervisor", whichever applies to you.  Please DO NOT upload any documents under the "Case Materials" section.  Also, please ignore the "Voting Results" section; we will not be using that feature at this time.
  9. Click "Send Case".  If you do not see an option to send the case *Forward*, you are done for today; we will email you in the near future so that you may send the case forward to the next review committee.
  10. If you can send the case forward to the next reviewer, please do so.  For "Subject", please use the following format: "Review of x", where "x" is the candidate's name.  Then click "Continue".
  11. You're done!


Need help logging into Interfolio for the first time? Please follow all instructions on this help site: https://ucanr.edu/sites/ProjectBoardHelp/Accessing_Interfolio_for_Program_Review/


Contact Academic Human Resources: Tina Jordan, tljordan@ucanr.edu



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