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We study systems

Management thresholds_ finding and using them (2)

Phase space diagrams for model systems.  Upper pair are population models with second order auto-regressive (AR) characteristics; left is purely deterministic model with unregulated oscillations, right is one realization of the same model with stochastic AR parameters.  Lower pair correspond to the upper pair, but population now subject to control through the imposition of a threshold-based control effort.

Crop Systems

We work on a range of important crop commodities in California, but the majority of our efforts are focused on

Citrus  - particularly in relation to suppression of HLB

Wine grapes - particularly the management of vector-borne viruses

Processing tomato - particularly TSWV and BCTV




I curate my Google Scholar citation page.  You can view it here

Methodological Research

Alongside our applied research and extension work, we also work on basic and methodological aspects of epidemiology, particularly how to integrate human behaviour into epidemiological models, and the use of information theory to understand aspects of epidemic dynamics.

Relative entropies for positive (vertical) and negative diagnoses of bacterial citrus canker by two canine detectors



HLB program data