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UC IPM Materials Order Form

Ordering instructions

This form is for UC Master Gardener Coordinators, UCCE staff, or other approved delegates* to order UC IPM Quick Tip cards, bookmarks, and "Got Pests Problems" green business cards.

Quick Tip cards are pre-packaged in bundles of 100. Due to the cost of shipping and staff time, we will only fill orders of a minimum of 10 packs. We aren't suggesting you order more cards than you need; just place an order once you are low or out of several titles, not just one or two. Please place orders no more than once per quarter.

Submit your order by clicking the "Place QT order" button at the bottom of the survey form. You will receive an automatic email once your order has been placed. If you do not receive an email, contact us to see if the order came through.

You will receive another email (from the FedEx system) when your order has been processed and shipped. Please allow 10 working days for order processing.

Contact Karey Windbiel-Rojas if you have any questions.

*To minimize multiple people from one county ordering materials, we require that each office have only one person approved to order. This "delegate" can be an office staff member, Master Gardener Coordinator, Advisor, or volunteer, and s/he will be our point of contact. To become an approved delegate or find out who is the delegate in your office, please contact Karey.


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