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Rain gardens have become popular as a way to conserve water for landscape and food plants. They have many other benefits as well.  If you are interested in rain gardens; we've prepared the plant lists below so you can learn about plants that are good choices for rain gardens in California. 

This web site will present lists for different regions in the state. Advisors will be able to add to and delete plant names as more information becomes available on this web site, which is difficult to do in publications.  Comments will be collected from other advisors, Master Gardeners and the public.



Contact Webmaster for general inquiries and comments.

For comments of plants to add or delete to these lists, please contact Deborah Giraud, Farm Advisor ddgiraud@ucanr.edu  and add several short sentences why this plant is useful in rain gardens.

Webmaster Email: ddgiraud@ucanr.edu