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California Rangelands provide a multitude of ecosystem services that benefit virtually every Californian.  This site includes research and information about these ecosystem services.  Click on a category or topic of interest to view a list of articles and websites related to your interest.

Ecosystem services are the functions performed by ecosystems that lead to desirable environmental outcomes.  Many are familiar with the economic value that rangelands provide - especially grazing opportunities for livestock.  However rangelands, that make up 40% of California's land mass, provide so much more.  California rangelands provide benefits to the landowner and to all life forms living or passing through that land.

The benefit of well maintained ecosystem services can be as small as neighbors that benefit from an open viewscape to vast populations benefiting from clean water to worldwide benefits of clean air and carbon sequestration.

Photo by Sheila Barry
Photo by Sheila Barry
This web site provides links to research, websites and projects, addressing the four Categories of Ecosystem Services: Provisioning, Regulating, Supporting and Cultural (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005).

A Decision Support Matrices addresses specific ecosystem services, based on a compilation of research papers and other documentation categorized, to assist land owners/managers and conservation specialists in directing management decisions to enhance ecosystem services on rangelands.