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2019 Livestock Predator Protection Tools

UC Cooperative Extension hosted a series of livestock protection tools field days across Northern California, including one in Taylorsville on Thursday, March 28. The event included short presentations and roundtable discussions for ranchers. The gathering was an opportunity to learn about effectiveness and economics of nonlethal livestock protection tools and for local ranchers to discuss successful on the ground strategies to protect livestock from predators.

A feature presentation at the field day was made by Cat Urbigkit. Cat's family operates a sheep and cattle ranch in western Wyoming. She shared her experiences using livestock guardian dogs and other tools to protect livestock from wolves and other predators in extensive rangeland environments. Cat is the editor of The Shepherd magazine and author of ranching-focused books, including Brave and Loyal: An Illustrated Celebration of Livestock Guardian Dogs



Livestock Protection Tools Fact Sheet Series 

1. Livestock Guardian Dogs 

2. Trail Camera 

3. Fladry 

4. Electric Fence 

5. Livestock Carcass Management


For additional information visit - UC Rangeland Livestock Predator Hub 

predator workshop

pred workshop