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2020 Irrigated Pasture Workshop

Irrigated Pasture Workshop
February 26, 2020 
Taylorsville Rock Club 

UC Cooperative Extension hosted a workshop covering multiple aspects of irrigated pasture management in the Sierra's.  The workshop topics included pests, fertilization, new varieties and more to increase pasture productivity provided by UC Davis specialists and UC Cooperative Extension advisors! Speaker takeaway points for pasture managers include: 

Takeaway points for pasture managers include: 

- Taller fall stubble height can impact spring forage growth, and overall yield potential. 

- Check in early spring for grasshoppers on the ground, treatment is more effective and economical before the reach the 3rd instar, weeks before they can fly.

- Grass forages need adequate nitrogen at the right growth stage to produce high yields  

- Pastures are often nutrient deficient systems, test your soil and consider fertilizer to increase productivity and efficiency. 

- If soil reports show deficiency, do not be afraid of applying nitrogen to increase pasture productivity. There are resources to help you with on farm record keeping to remain in nitrogen management plan compliance. 

- DON'T buy tall fescue seed at a garden stores - it can contain endophytes that are toxic to livestock. 

- To see if the tall fescue you currently have in your pasture contains the toxic endophyte you can send a sample to - https://www.agrinostics.com/index.html 



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