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Rangeland Manager Resources


UC Cooperative Extension hosted an Annual Rangeland Management Workshop on Thursday, May 31, 2018 in collaboration with Chico State and UC Rangelands. In California, there is over 34 million acres of grazed rangeland. The complexities associated with rangeland management are increasing due to a growing body of scientific research, an expanding public stakeholder base and evolving government policies. The workshop equipped ranchers, land managers, technical resources providers and college students with scientifically based management practices, resources and network to support sustainable livestock grazing enterprises on California’s rangelands. Attendees received resource below in a technical binder. 

Technical Resource Guide

The technical resources below have been provided by the Cal-Pac section Society for Range Management, Certified Rangeland Manager (CRM) panel in April 2018. Documents included are from which CRM exam questions will be drawn. For more information on the California CRM Program click here. 


Ecological Sites

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Ecological Types

WOODLANDS/SAVANNAS - Hardwood Rangelands

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GRASSLANDS - Annual Grasslands

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Riparian Areas

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Vegetation Measurement

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Residual Dry Matter

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Water Quality

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Livestock/Grazing Management

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