Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016
University of California
Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016

Concurrent session 2A

Session 2A: Genetics/Restoration
Chair: Kim Rodrigues and Emily Burns



High Growth and Productivity of New Zealand Grown Coast Redwood – Implications for Genetic Selection - Dean F. Meason, Scion Forest Systems [abstract] [audio] [presentation]



Adaptation to Climate Change? Moving Coast Redwood Seedlings Northward and Inland - Forrest Todd Johnson, Humboldt State University [abstract] [GTR-258]



Comparing Growth and Form of Coast Redwood Selfs and Outcrosses at the UC Russell Reserve, California - John-Pascal Berrill, Humboldt State University [abstract] [audio] [GTR-258]



Genetic Diversity, Gene Flow, and the Persistence of Sequoiadendron giganteum - Rainbow DeSilva, UC Berkeley [abstract] [audio] [presentation] [GTR-258]



Rapid Assessment of New Zealand Coast Redwood Heartwood Durability using NIR Spectroscopy - Paul Aubin Silcock, New Zealand Farm Forestry [abstract] [audio][presentation]



Epigenomics: A Potential Mechanism for Redwood Success Under Environmental Change - Vladimir Douhovnikoff, Bowdoin College [abstract] [audio]


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