Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016
University of California
Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016

Concurrent session 2B

Session 2B: Silviculture
Chair: Yana Valachovic and Rick Standiford



A Comparison of Stand Structure and Composition following Selective-Harvest at Byrne-Milliron Forest - Amy Petersen, San Jose State University [abstract] [audio] [GTR-258]



Low Thinning and Crown Thinning of Varying Intensities as Restoration Tools at Redwood National Park - Jason R. Teraoka, Redwood National Park  [abstract] [audio] [presentation] [GTR-258]



Long Term Results of Early Density Management of a Third Growth Redwood Stand - Lynn Webb, California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection  [abstract] [audio][presentation] [GTR-258]



Growth of Coast Redwood and Douglas-fir following Thinning in Second Growth Forests at Redwood National Park and Headwaters Forest Reserve - Phillip van Mantgem, U.S. Geological Survey [abstract] [GTR-258]



Ecosystem Responses to Variable-Density Thinning for Forest Restoration in Mill Creek - John-Pascal Berrill, Humboldt State University [abstract] [audio] [GTR-258]



Physiology and Growth of Redwood and Douglas-fir Planted after Variable Density Retention - Lucy Kerhoulas, Humboldt State University [abstract] [audio] [presentation] [GTR-258]


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