Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016
University of California
Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016

Concurrent session 3B

Session 3B: Policy, Economics, Community Forestry
Chair: Steven Swain and Rich Thompson



The Socioeconomics of the Redwood Region - Erin Kelly, Humboldt State University [abstract] [audio] [presentation] [GTR-258]



A Comprehensive Status of Coast Redwood Forest Structure Across Public and Private Lands - Peter Cowan, Save the Redwoods League [abstract] [audio] [GTR-258]



Conservation of the Redwoods: Lessons from a Red Listed Species - Erin Kelly, Humboldt State University [abstract] [audio]  [presentation] [GTR-258]



Economic Contribution of Coastal Redwood Timber Harvesting and Manufacturing to North Coast Counties - James E. Henderson, Mississippi State University [abstract] [audio]  [presentation] [GTR-258]



Cannabis (Cannabis sativa or C. indica) Agriculture and the Environment: A Systematic, Spatially-Explicit Survey and Potential Impacts - Van Butsic, UC Berkeley [abstract] [audio] [GTR-258]



The Impact of Cannabis Production on the Timberland Use and Values - Benjamin Schwab, Kansas State University [abstract] [GTR-258]


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