Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016
University of California
Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016

Concurrent session 3C part 2

Session 3C (part II): Ecology
Chair: Pam Lindstedt and David Green



Why Are Coast Redwood and Giant Sequoia Not Where They Are Not? - W.J. Libby, UC Berkeley [abstract] [audio] [GTR-258]



Management of Redwood Forests Degraded by Sudden Oak Death - Richard Cobb, UC Davis [abstract] [audio] [presentation] [GTR-258]



Potential Influences of Epiphytes on Physiology of Tall Sitka Spruce in a Redwood Forest - Lucy Kerhoulas, Humboldt State University [abstract] [audio] [presentation]



Redwood Roots--Sprouting a Movement Toward Restoration and Reconnection - Rob DiPerna, Environmental Protection Information Center [abstract] [audio] [presentation]


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