Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016
University of California
Coast Redwood Science Symposium - 2016

Who Attended?

2016 Coast Redwood Science Symposium

Attendee List - Post Event

First NameLast NameAffiliation
Jim Able Consultant
Mike Alcorn Green Diamond Resource Company
Simona Altman California Department of Fish and Wildlife
David Ammerman U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
John Andersen Mendocino-Humboldt Redwood Companies
David Anderson Redwood National Park
Mark Andre City of Arcata
Chelsea Andreozzi University of California, Berkeley
Pete Angwin US Forest Service
David Anthon Bureau of Land Management
Christine Aralia Save the Redwoods League
Ramona Arechiga County of San Mateo Parks Department
Leonel Arguello Redwood National Park
Eli Asarian Riverbend Sciences
Steve Auten Cal Poly Swanton Pacific Ranch
Jodi Axelson University of California, Berkeley
Tim Bailey Humboldt State University
Stephanie Barron Bureau of Land Management
Kim Batchelder Sonoma County Ag Preservation and Open Space District
Shane Beach Humboldt Redwood Company
Tim Bean Humboldt State University
Doranna Benker Gilkey Green Diamond Resource Company
Keith Bensen Redwood National Park
Pascal Berrill Humboldt State University
Brian Bishop CAL FIRE, Jackson Demonstration State Forest
Ron Boldenow Central Oregon Community College
Ryan Bourque Green Diamond Resource Company
Beth Brantley Penn State Mont Alto
Chris Brinegar University of Maine Farmington
Matthew Brousil Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Kim Browning Browning Consulting
Brian Broznitsky Humboldt Redwood Company
Emily Burns Save the Redwoods League
Gwendolynn Bury Oregon State University
Bruce Bury US Geological Survey (Emeritus)
Van Butsic University of California, Berkeley
Pete Cafferata CAL FIRE
Richard Campbell Save the Redwoods League
Jim Campbell-Spickler Eco-Ascension Research and Consulting
Adam Canter Wiyot Tribe
Allyson Carroll Humboldt State University
Anthony Castanos Save the Redwoods League
Danielle Castle CDFW
Sal Chinnici Humboldt Redwood Company
Julie Clark Bureau of Land Management
Fred Clark Forest Stewards Guild
Richard Cobb University of California, Davis
Ethan Coonen Humboldt State University
Sherry Cooper UC ANR Program Support Unit
Peter Cowan Save the Redwoods League
Adam Cummings US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station
Christa Dagley Humboldt State University
Jeff Denny Redwood National Park
Janelle Deshais CDFW, Timberland Conservation Program
Rainbow DeSilva University of California, Berkeley
Riti Dhesi Landowner
Rob DiPerna Environmental Protection Information Center
Mark Distefano Humboldt Redwood Company
Galen Doherty Sanctuary Forest
Richard Dorn Dorn Family Partnership
Mackenzie Dorn Humboldt State Univesity
Robert Douglas Mendocino Redwood Company
Vladimir Douhovnikoff Bowdoin College
Steve Dowty Redwood Forest Landowner
Deakon Duey Humboldt Redwood Company
Desiree Early Green Diamond Resource Company
Lizzie Ebert North Coast Chapter of California Women in Timber
Brook Edwards The Wildlands Conservancy
Helge Eng CAL FIRE
Eamon Engber Redwood National Park
Jacqueline Espinoza Humboldt State University
Fred Euphrat Forester
Robert Ewing University of California, Berkeley
Anne Fehrenbach Green Diamond Resource Company
Olivia Fiori The Conservation Fund
Ali Freedlund Mattole Restoration Council
Kenneth Fulgham Humboldt State University, Dept. of Forestry & Wildland Resources
Karyn Gear State Coastal Conservancy
George Gentry California Forestry Association
Jared Gerstein BBW and Associates, Inc.
Haplo Ghan Coast Ridge Community Forest
Richard Gienger Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.
Linwood Gill Gill Family Forest Management
Greg Giusti University of California
Radek Glebocki Humboldt State University
Laura Goforth Redwood National Park
Andrew Goldman California State Parks
Elicia Goldsworthy Green Diamond Resource Company
Matt Goldsworthy National Marine Fisheries Service
Karin Grantham Redwood National Park
David Greene Humboldt State University
Carol Gress Green Diamond Resource Company
Carson Grubb College of the Redwoods
Colin Guiley Southern Oregon University
Debra Hallis Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
Nadia Hamey Forester, Hamey Woods
Keith Hamm Green Diamond Resource Company
Jay Harris  
Nick Harrison Humboldt Redwood Company
Nick Hawthorne Green Diamond Resource Company
Katherine Hayes University of Oregon
Cheryl Hayhurst California Geological Survey
Nicole Heller Peninsula Open Space Trust
James Henderson Mississippi State University
Meg Henderson University of Southern California
Russell Henly California Natural Resources Agency
Brent Henry Humboldt State University
John Herrera Watershed Stewards Program
Sue Hilton US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station
Kylan Hoener Trees of Mystery
Johanna Hoener Trees of Mystery
Jonathan Hollis Humboldt State University
Eric Holst Environmental Defense Fund
Robert Horvat CAL FIRE
Andrea Horvath Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.
Clarence Hostler National Marine Fisheries Service
Matthew House Green Diamond Resource Company
Adam Hutchins CDF&W, Timberland Conservation Program
Benjamin Iberle Humboldt State University
Mickey Jarvi College of the Redwoods
Rick Johnson CAL FIRE
Forrest Johnson Humboldt State University
Ronald Jones Landowner
Alicia Jones Oregon State University Extension Service
Erik Jules Humboldt State University
Laura Julian Redwood National Park
Julia Kalika UC ANR Program Support Unit
Jeffrey Kane Humboldt State University
Tracy Katelman ForEverGreen Forestry
Joshua Kegerreis Green Diamond Resource Company
Christine Keil Department of Fish and Wildlife, Timberland Conservation Planning
Denis Kelleher Paraheka Holdings
Bob Kelley Natural Resources Management Corporation
Denise Kelly ASCA
Erin Kelly Humboldt State University
Elizabeth Keppeler US Forest Service
Lucy Kerhoulas Humboldt State University
Tom Kimball US Geological Survey
Eldon Kinney College of the Redwoods
Scott Kirkman Green Diamond Resource Company
Randy Klein Redwood National and State Parks (retired)
Matthew Kling University of California, Berkeley
Heidi Knott Gundling Redwood Forest Foundation Inc.
Steven Krause Redwood National Park
Bill Kruse Kruse Imaging
Keith Lackey Humboldt Redwood Company
David LaFever Bureau of Land Management
Laura Lalemand Save the Redwoods League
Terry Lamers Lamers Forests LTD
David Lamphear Green Diamond Resource Company
Monty Larson California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Richard Leamon  
Chris Lee CAL FIRE
Rachel Lem The Trust for Public Land
Lathrop Leonard California State Parks
Bill Libby STRL Council
Pam Linstedt CAL FIRE, Jackson Demonstration State Forest
Andrew Loganbill Natural Resources Conservation Service
Dave Loveless CAL FIRE
Ethan Luckens Humboldt State University
Ben Luckens McAdams Ranch
Erica Lundquist USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Lee MacDonald Colorado State University
Mary Ann Madej US Geological Survey
Paul Mann Mad River Union Newspaper
Max Marquez Green Diamond Resource Company
Claire McAdams McAdams Lands LP
Kevin McCardle Redwood National and State Parks
Kurt McCray CAL FIRE
Mike McDowall City of Arcata
Kellie McFarland UC ANR Program Support Unit
Scott McFarlin Wildlife Conservation Board
Bill McIver US Fish and Wildlife Service
Laura McLendon Sempervirens Fund
Stewart McMorrow CAL FIRE
Timothy Metz Restoration Forestry, Inc.
Frank Mileham Natural Resources Management Corporation
Mike Miles Humboldt Redwood Company
James Mizoguchi Green Diamond Resource Company
John Montague Save The Redwoods League
Steve Moore Town of Los Gatos
Zane Moore University of California, Davis
Ashley Morris Green Diamond Resource Company
Sonia Morris Save the Redwoods League
William Morrison Soper-Wheeler Company
Ben Neff College of the Redwoods
Shaina Niehans Redwood National Park
Katrina Nystrom Sanctuary Forest
Jonathon O'Connell Green Diamond Resource Company
Kirk O'Dwyer CAL FIRE
Ray Olson HSU Extended Studies
Frank Ono Consultant
Justin Ono Consultant
Daniel Opalach Green Diamond Resource Company
Alex Orozco College of the Redwoods
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